services to persons in need


A personal assessment takes place in the home or present facility to make recommendations based on client’s needs. There will be a complete individual assessment and review of the client’s physical, psychological, financial, familial and spiritual needs.

Once the assessment has been completed, we are able to recommend and coordinate the new services needed (we will supply a list of certified referrals if we cannot provide services).

Assessments are the first step in helping your loved one or yourself to stay independent or age in place. We take care in making sure that all needs are carefully evaluated so you can be assured of their safety and happiness.

Our recommendation will be presented in a timely and professional manner and once our services are accepted, we provide regularly scheduled updates to insure that our clients’ needs continue to be met.


Oversee and coordinate client’s needs after initial assessment.  We schedule regular visits to check on your loved ones to ensure that they are receiving the proper care needed.  As needs change, we update their plan of care.  We strive to help our clients “age in place” and ensure your peace of mind knowing they are happy and in the best environment possible. 

We are there for you, and as our client’s needs grow we can add services and keep you informed. When it is determined that it is best for a more comprehensive placement, we will continue to visit or send home health aides to assist with the transition. 


We may determine that your loved one or you can “age in place” with home health aides or with just a few hours of extra help per week. We supplement with a scheduled daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visit.  These visits are followed up with a report to help to keep in touch with a family member who is living away from you. 

Fees are based on hourly rates. Some of our basic service includes:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Transportation to doctor’s visits
  • Shopping
  • Hiring and supervising caretakers
  • Coordinating services with repairmen
  • Housekeeping and meal delivery
  • Medication monitoring


If it is determined that the best situation is to move the client into a new living situation such as an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility, we will help the client and family choose one that best fits the client’s needs and financial abilities. Once a decision has been made, we assist with supervising, packing and moving of personal belongings, medical records and any special transportation needs. 


Seasonal living quarters are opened and/or closed, a companion can be arranged on an as needed basis to help travel, pack, provide transportation to airport, etc.  This includes placing shutters on homes, removing furniture and plants from balconies and patios.  If located in an evacuation zone, pre-arrangements are made as to where clients we will be housed if they are in the area during an event.  These plans are documented and shared with loved ones so you know at all times that they are safe.


Help purchase and install computer so you can stay in-touch with your family located out of the area (including web-cam abilities). Internet connections can help keep you in touch with your family and friends anywhere in the world, but the new technology can be very challenging.  We can help set up a simple system to help you exchange e-mail, photos, or something more sophisticated with a security system and web-cameras.  With a web-camera you can actually see and speak to your loved one, which provides the assurance of real time check-ins.

Additionally, we can set up automatic bill payment and direct deposit of income, so there is less chance of lost checks or disruption of services.  We can simplify your life with our bonded and insured professional staff, so you can be assured that your loved one’s assets are in capable hands.


We are able to offer full professional guardianship services for those clients who have been placed or need placement in the care of a state qualified guardian.   We offer all types of guardianships including:

Guardianships (a competent adult may make this designation previous to becoming incapacitated).

Court appointed when there is an imminent danger to the individual’s welfare or health.

Court determines that the individual is not capable of retaining any rights.  This is the most restrictive type of guardianship.

Court determines some rights may be retained, but a guardian is appointed for those rights which have been removed.

  • Pre-need Guardianships
  • Emergency Temporary Guardianships
  • Plenary Guardianships
  • Limited Guardianship


Our licensed financial executive will help you preserve your assets for yourself and your loved ones with proper planning. He can advise you on all types of financial instruments from Life Insurance, Annuities, Long Term Care Insurance and Retirement Planning.